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Visiting London on a Budget
Visiting London on a Budget

Visiting London on a Budget

Being the capital of England, London can be notoriously expensive. But here are a few tips that should see you right.


There are many cheap hostels in London. Our recommended stay would be at The Generator Hostel which is a 5 minute walk from King’s Cross. It’s a chain hostel with around 15 other hostels on major cities across Europe. Costs vary depending on time or year and day of the week. But the average room rate is £20 per night for a shared room.


As the city get more and more high rises, we all want the best views of the city right? Unfortunately they come as a cost, as developers make sure they get their money’s worth with nearly every skyscraper in the city having paid for viewing areas are luxury bars situated right at the top. The Shard and London tickets are £20-£30 plus! So book a free visit to the Sky Garden near Fenchurch. Up until 6pm on the evening it is booking only but you can do this for free on their website. Tickets are released a week in advance. There is no obligation to buy food or cocktails whilst you are up there, although you can do so and cocktail prices start around £12 each. The Sky Garden is 160 meters tall (higher than the London Eye at 134 meters, but nearly half the size of The Shard at 306 meters, but still magnificent views). A booked visit you can stay for an hour. You can also visit “The Monument” for another excursion at height. The structure stands 61 meters high and there are 311 steps to the top (the Leaning Tower of Pisa is slightly smaller at 58 meters tall with 284 steps to the top). Costs around £4 to go up, or free of purchased with a ticket for a tour of Tower Bridge.

Cheap Steak

Always nice to treat yourself one night on a city break to a slap up steam meal. We would highly recommend the Flat Iron Steak house near Piccadilly. The service is excellent and for a steak meal in a capital city, prices are cheap. A flat iron steak costs £11 (price correct as of May 2018), with 2 sides and a glass of wine totalling at under £30.

Covent Gardens


If your looking for some free entertainment during the afternoon, head to Covent Garden. Street performers play outside St Paul’s church all day long in 40 minute blocks. A mix of musicians, magicians and dancers. If your brave you can always opt to get involved. Save a few pennies to give the performers at the end of their block.

The National Portrait Gallery

It’s free! See some of England’s most famous faces in the gallery and understand the history behind the faces. Many pieces of art, you’ll easily spend a full morning here and roaming around the adjacent Trafalgar Square.

Changing of the Guards

Check Buckingham Palaces official websites for days as it varies and usually only around 3 times a week. Between 11 and 12 in the morning see the changing of the guard outside Buckingham Palace. You do need to get there around 10am to get a good spot either right at the palace gates or the Queen Victoria statue opposite. You’ll easily spend a couple of house exploring the area.

Tower Bridge

You can book ahead and the cost is only £12 which is cheap compared with other London excursions. You’ll easily be up there for 90 minutes listening to the history of the bridge, taking selfies on the glass walkway and exploring the engine rooms below.

Spitalfields Market

Located on the north of London (about 20 minutes walk north from Tower Bridge), Spitalfields market is somewhere you can easily spend a couple of hours. The market sells many things from clothes to old bric-a-brac. The entire market smells of amazing street food. A great tip is to go during lunch hour, and order small portions to share from various stalls, and make a good couple of hours just sampling food!