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Welcome to Solo Travel Guides

​Welcome to Solo Travel Guides

Welcome to Solo Travel Guides, the website dedicated to providing practical advice and itineraries predominantly for the solo traveller.

So what’s my story? My name is Gareth and I’m a freelance/self employed web designer and have been self employed for nearly 2 years now. I’ve always loved to travel, and the good thing about web design is that it can be done on my laptop from anywhere. I work remotely with most of my clients so it makes no difference if I’m sat in my home office in Hull (United Kingdom) or sat on a tropical beach 10,0000 miles away. I had already booked a 6 week trip around Europe this summer, and with a vast amount of destinations already under my belt, I thought now is the time to start this next chapter of my life.

I’ve been very lucky in recent years having travelled the world with some amazing friends, Australia, New York, Miami, Havana and Italy to name just a few places but realised that if I wanted to travel for a full summer I couldn’t rely solely upon friends. So planning a 6 week trip around Europe, some countries of which I’ve never even been to before let alone speak their language, was a very daunting task. Most destinations I’ll be meeting up with different friends, but generally getting to and from each country and especially figuring out their inner city transport systems was something I needed to do myself. 

Spending only a few short days in each city I wanted to have a plan, know what I would be doing each day as so much to do in each city and not a moment to waste. So I spent hours researching each city, all the different tours and experiences, trying to find a balance between ticking off the typical tourist landmarks, some extreme adventures along with some unique cultural experiences. During hours and weeks of research, I found pretty much the same information on most websites about the typical tourist experiences, but nowhere could I find some practical itineraries that I could follow or modify. Especially in a city like New York or Paris that is so vast and spread out, a carefully planned itinerary was a must have.

So I’m sat here writing this first blog post on the train to London and I’m excited to be sharing my first city itinerary with you but also officially launching Solo Travel Guides (which is incidentally my own birthday! Won’t say which one!).

So follow my social media, bookmark this website and check back throughout the summer where I will be visiting Paris, Split, Berlin, Rome, Pisa, Stockholm, Copenhagen as well as a number of cities in the UK.