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Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

How many days: 3 Days
When: August 2018

visited Berlin for 4 days during August in a year which saw record temperatures around Europe. Luckily it was the last week in August and the temperatures had begun to drop so it wasn’t too uncomfortable. I met 2 friends whilst I was out there, and we had planned most of our activities in advance.

Berlin is a city which has seen many conflicts in modern history, World War II in which the city was heavily bombed and destroyed, and the Cold War which ultimately saw Berlin physically divided by a wall for nearly 30 years. The city still has many scars from these conflicts both visually and in its culture, its easy to look at berlin and think that this city could be so much more developed if it hadn’t been for these conflicts.

That said, it is one of the most forward-thinking countries in Europe and not to mention the fact its very gay friendly. The people are very laid back and friendly, which can be lacking in other European countires such as Paris and Rome.