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Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

How many days: 4 Days
When: May 2017

Don’t think a visit to Cuba is going to be all about Mojitos!

Havana has always been on my bucket list, not only is it the home of my favourite cocktail of all time, but it’s the setting of many movies and TV dramas, including the 2004 remake of “Auf Wiedersehen Pet”. But it’s one of those countries that has a certain appeal to it, because of it’s fallout with America and how subsequently it’s a country that’s stuck in the 1960’s… permanently!

From the very first moment I stepped off the plane, it was clear I was in a completely alien place. The décor of the airport, the fashion styles of the staff are that I was only familiar with from TV and magazines. Walking around Havana, especially the old town area is very intimidating at first. It’s very busy, and as you walk down streets, peoples living rooms open up right on the streets. But the locals are friendly and its very safe. But to visit Havana you need to be contempt with sitting back in bars and cafes and soaking up the culture and atmosphere. Unless you venture out of Havana, you won’t have an action packed 3 day itinerary here.