Food and Cocktails
Havana, Cuba

Food and Cocktails

This is surely one of the main reasons anyone would visit Cuba right? And you’ll see why when you go. Havana is the very home of Mojitos and is the city where they make them best! Mojito and Daiquiris are the countries two main cocktails.

As for food, most of the restaurants and bars offer small (almost tapas style) dishes, and this is the norm in Cuba. Most dishes are made up of basic staple ingredients but done in creative ways. When you go to a bar or restaurant, order a number of dishes to share with your travelling companions (if you have them), but be warned, the Cubans operate their own time system and asking how long you’ll be waiting for your food is like asking how long a piece of string is! If you order separate meals (if dining with friends) it’s very unlikely both meals will come out at the same time, but that’s just their lifestyle, its relaxed, very informal and no one is in a rush for anything. Enjoy!

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