Thames Rocket Speed Boat Tour
London, United Kingdom

Thames Rocket Speed Boat Tour

The Thames River is 215 miles long, the longest river in England. Up until 1729, London Bridge was the only bridge that spanned the Thames river. There was such a divide between north and south London that criminals used to escape their crimes in the north by fleeing to the south bank. In the late 1800’s the river was a lot wider and very polluted. In July 1858 the river stank so much that the houses of Parliament were suspended. A bill was then quickly passed to clean up the river Thames, which still to this day is the fastest bill to be passed within parliament. This is how the phrase started “to kick up a stink”. There are many ways to see the Thames, walking paths or boat rides.

There are many cruises that will take you along the ride (for either a tour or ‘hop on, hop off’. But our personal favourite is to do a high speed boat tour with Thames Rockets. You’ll have a leisurely cruise along the Thames from the London Eye pier to past Tower Bridge where the guides will tell you interesting facts and some history on the Thames river, before accelerating into a high speed up towards Canary Wharf.

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