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Who is my excursion booking with?

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Any booking for excursions you make on this website is done so through “Get Your Guide”. If you have any questions about a new booking, please refer them to www.getyourguide.com. If you have a question about an existing booking, please log into your account, go to the bookings tab, and make the enquiry directly with the tour operator of that particular tour. Any complaints should be make directly with “Get Your Guide”.

Who is my hotel booking with?

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Any hotels booked via this website are always made with “booking.com”. If you have an existing booking, please log into your “booking.com” account, go to your booking and there is an option to send a message directly to the hotel you are staying at. Any complaints should be made directly with “booking.com”.

Do hotels or tours pay to be listed?

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No! The recommendations on this website for hotels, tours and restaurants are made based on either our own experiences or have been highly rated on other travel websites.

How can I get my hotel or restaurant featured?

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If you own a hotel, bar, restaurant or operate a tour and want to be featured we would love to hear from you and arrange a visit. We couldn’t make any promises as to whether we would feature you or not, as this would complete depend upon us having a positive experience. We don’t write bad reviews, that’s not our style.

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